With over 500+ as an event photographer, i’m well equiped to cover all your needs and help you get the most out of your event.

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Tijdens het evenement meerde foto’s afgeleverd en binnen 48 uur alle beelden opgeleverd in high en web resolutie.


The right energy visualised in great eventphotography makes your visitors experience complete. Make the experience have an impact.

Event photographer for conferences and business events. 

an Event Photographer who understands your goals and needs, while capturing the story of your event.

The goal of event photography is to get a commercial advantage for your event or company. Therefor you can be about promoting the event, selling products or making a wonderful after experience for the guests.

Furthermore, if your event is worth capturing, let me know if i can help do just that.

Martin Hols - Event Fotograaf

Advantages of booking a event photographer:

  • Professionally captured photography for and during your event.
  • No more stress during the event, as i will take care of the entire process
  • The highest quality photographs delivered, without extra costs on copyright.
  • An expert who tries to help you with your strategy if needed and anticipate what images you might need.
  • Your business event captured in one album of great images.
  • Never looking for stockphotography that doesn’t fit together.
  • All photography is 100% copyright free and with a all in use licence.
  • No added costs, all prices are all-in (excl. VAT)
  • Optionally delivered in an online album.
A summary of the Codemotion event 2019

My Partners. 

Portfolio Conference and Business Photography

Event Photographer for your business event, conference or company party.

Het vastleggen van jouw event is natuurlijk de beste manier om te laten zien wat je in huis hebt. Je kan het gebruiken voor de marketing van komende events. Je kan de eventfotografie gebruiken als reportage of herbeleving van de bezoekers.

Letting a professional event photographer capture your is the best way to show to the world what you have in store. You can also use the images for your marketing strategy. I’ve captured events in The Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Belgium and many more countries all over the world and one thing was clear: Good communication and teamwork make sure you get the best photography possible.

As a result, my passion became the succesful completion of the goals of said events.

I try and feel like a visitor and the organiser during the event, so i can capture both perspectives. Together with the organiser and the partner i shoot for, we try and find your strategy before hand and see if you need images delivered on the day itself and if you need specific shots to serve your needs.

You want to see if i can be a perfect fit for you? Drop me a message so we can get things going!

Why you should hire a professional photographer for your event.

If you really put all the effort to organise an event, from big scale conference to company dinner, you should really hire an event photographer. First of all, you will have a nice memory of all the hard work you put in.

But secondly and more importantly, you can use the eventphotograhy to your advantage. Marketing, aftersales or enhancing your visitors experience. It will put the cherry on the cake and even make selling tickets to your next event easier.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do i pay for copyrights of the photography.

All photography delivered by me will be 100% copyright free. So you can go wild on using them, that is what i like to see. Imagery that is not used is a waste of money, so you will get a all enclosing use-licence to the photography you payed for.

How fast and how will you deliver the photos.

You will get a preview of about 20 images during your event so you can fill up your social media or press releases. 48 hour after the event you will have all images, edited and deliverd in dropbox/wetransfer or in a online album. Mostly you can count on the photography being delivered within 24 hours.

How much does an event photographer cost.

Different events require different approaches. So the prices are always custom. Ranging between 500 for a half and 800 for a full day (excl. VAT). All prices given are all-in prices, which are including all fee’s, travel cost, licensing/copyrights and delivery in high resolution and web optimised images. Depending on your needs this can be more or less.

You have a calculated budget for photography? Contact me to see what i can do for you.

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